Moosehead Creek

Posted from California, United States.

Due to water source spacing, we didn’t have much option for camping. The miles were pretty easy & featureless, so instead of talking about them, I decided to list out what my meals consist of since that seems to be one of the most common questions. Dinner is one of the following:

  1. Mac & Cheese
  2. Pad Thai with foil packet shrimp
  3. Black or Refried beans, cheese, & Fritos
  4. Pasta Roni

Lunch consists of more snacky-type foods including: cheese, pepperoni, chex mix, dried fruit, nuts, & candy.

Breakfast is:

  1. cereal & granola bars
  2. Toaster Strudels & Carnation Instant Breakfast

In addition, I go through about 4 candy bars a day as between meal snacks.

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