Squaw Valley Creek

Posted from Castella, California, United States.

Today ended up being my biggest day yet. Jewel Thief & I decided last night to do bigger miles today, but not exactly pre-determining how big! We were hiking by 6:20am & motored along a winding ridge. By lunch, we had ed out a solid 15.

In the afternoon, the trail dropped down to the McCloud River & we hiked along it for awhile. Soon enough the trail headed up a 1500’ climb. I made the best time up the hill as I had ever done – over 3 miles/hr.

It was 8:30am and light was fading as we made it to camp. We dropped our packs & headed down to the river for a chilly dip to wash off the poison oak we had waded through during the day. My feet ached so I cooked dinner while lying in my bag. Tomorrow will see us in Dunsmuir.

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