Bull Lake

Posted from Gazelle, California, United States.

We were hiking by 7:15 this morning. Turned out that our only real climb today was back up to the trail from our camp. The trail stayed along the ridgeline the whole day and was relatively level.

Mid-morning we came upon a trail maintainer named Chris, struggling to move a large rock off the trail. After helping him heave it down the hill, we chatted a bit. Chris was the first person we had seen doing trail work on the PCT since we started. Moving on we made it to fall lakes for lunch & a swim.

The afternoon trail was extremely annoying. While it continued to be relatively flat, it wound clear around a large basin. By late afternoon we could simply look across the valley to see where we had lunch. It took us about 10 miles of hiking to go about 2 miles as the crow flies.

About 5:30 we began to hear distant thunder and looked up to see clouds rolling in. We booked it 2 more miles to Bull Lake where we threw our tents up in a hurry. The thunder continued for a while, but we only saw a few drops. With camp setup early, we decide to get an early start and try to do a bigger day.

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