Posted from Etna, California, United States.

Well we managed to get one decent start this section – we were hiking by 6 this morning. Continuing the trend, the trail stayed high on the ridges with sweeping views of the Trinity Alps.

After a couple of miles we started hearing something that sounded like a cross between a wind chime and a xylophone. In a few minutes we came across a meadow with cattle wearing cow bells. Even though I grew up on a farm I thought the only modern application for a cow bell was with a percussionist.

We were motivated to get to town. With the relatively easy trail we had no problems keeping a 3 mile per hour pace. By 12:30 we were sitting next to the road waiting to hitch a ride to town. Normally you don’t hitch sitting down, but normally there are cars driving down the road too. Thankfully after 20 minutes a SUV pulled into the parking area and offered us a ride down. He turned out to be the owner of the Hiker’s Hut Hostel.

We’ll be back on the trail tomorrow. I’m antsy too – I have Oregonitis in a bad way.

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