Grinder Creek Campground

Posted from Seiad Valley, California, United States.

Wildflowers in the Marble Mountains
Wildflowers in the Marble Mountains

I woke up on time, but had a slow moving morning causing me to not get hiking before 8am. The side trail from Shadow Lake back to the PCT was steep, but short. Soon enough I was back on the ridgeline heading North.

The morning trail crossed several meadows filled with more wildflowers. The trail went right below the peaks over which last night’s sun set. Towards the end of the morning I hiked by another lake and then made a medium climb.

After lunch the trail began a long, gentle, 5000′ decent. Luckily for me the trail was lined with thimble berries, blackberries, & rasberries. I ended up eating my way down. Our campsite has quite a few mosquitos. We haven’t been tormented by them for quite a while. My guess is they are thick here since we are at such a low elevation. I’m safely out of reach in my tent though from there annoying bites.

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