Jct to Lowden Cabin Site

Posted from Seiad Valley, California, United States.

I woke up and was out of camp by 6am this morning. The first 6.5 miles of “trail” were walking along a road to the sleepy berg of Seiad Valley. Here in one building was a restaurant, small grocery, and post office. The restaurant is hope to the famous Hiker’s Challenge – a stack of 5 thick, plate-sized pancakes. If you can eat the whole stack in 2 hours, the meal is free. I opted for smaller portions since I knew what the trail had in store this afternoon.

Leaving Seiad Valley, the trail soon left the road and headed up with a vengeance. For 4500′ the trail wound back and forth across a shoulder. Near the top was Lookout Spring. A note on the trail warned of the resident snake. The note was right – 2 rattlesnakes were right around the spring. Using my treking poles, I drove them back long enough for me to nervously get water and beat a hasty retreat.

Towards the end of the day the trail crossed a dirt road. There we met 2 geology students doing a field study in the area. They gave us beverages, fresh corn on the cob, candy, & granola bars. At camp tonight we built a fire and roasted the ears of corn over the coals. It was the perfect way to spend our last night in California.

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