Crater Lake Rim

Posted from Oregon, United States.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake

Excited for a break from hiking, we woke up early again. Fearing that we would run short of water, we made a .5 mile hike off trail to a spring. My water pump ended up malfunctioning so I only had 1 liter of water for the hike. Turned out to be just enough with the cooler morning we had.

We headed off and whipped out an easy 15.5 miles by noon to Dutton Creek below Crater Lake. After a short break we charged up the 2.5 mile trail with 1000′ of climb arriving just in time for a late lunch. We headed down to the campground and showered so we didn’t stink quite as bad for the long car ride ahead.

Around 6pm, Hitching Post arrived to pick us up. We headed north to Tacoma, dropping Jewel Thief off on the way so he could catch his flight to Maine for a wedding. I’m going to be hanging out in Tacoma with Raindog & Hitching Post for the next 11 days giving my body a break and a chance to fatten up a little for the last 830 miles. The plan is to get back on the trail on the 21st; in the meantime relaxation is the name of theĀ game.

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