Bingham Lakes

Posted from Oregon, United States.

My good night’s rest was spoiled by the migraine I woke up with at 3am. I took meds and managed to get back to sleep, but it wasn’t quite the same. I turned the alarm off and didn’t rouse till 6:30.

The trail all day was more walking through featureless woods. This seems to be the recurring theme of Oregon. Water continued to be scarce all day. By late afternoon we made it to a dirt road and faced a choice: continue on the PCT with its few and poor water sources, or take an alternate route that goes by many lakes. We opted for the easy water.

The trail so far has been well maintained and the lakes were plentiful. So have been the mosquitoes. We’re camped tonight by the 3rd in a series of small lakes. We should rejoin the PCT tomorrow afternoon.

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