North Rosary Lake

Posted from Oregon, United States.

I woke up to a cold morning. I had started the night with my sleeping bag as a blanket, and as the night progressed it became more and more tucked around me. My watch read 43 deg inside the tent, but there was a little frost on the outside. I put on all my clothes, ate breakfast, and packed everything I could before mustering the courage to get out of the bag.

I hiked in long pants, my rain coat, stocking hat, and gloves for the first couple miles. Continuing yesterday’s alternate route, our trail took us by a couple more lakes before taking us to a horse camp with a well timed outhouse. After a short break we headed out and finished the 10 more miles to make it to Shelter Cove Resort by 12:40 pm.

Jewel Thief’s maildrop had failed to arrive so we decided to wait around for UPS man. We spent the afternoon lounging on a lawn looking over a huge lake between our eating episodes. Three other hikers arrived including 2 northbounders – the first we had seen in 1000 miles.

UPS showed up right before 5, but no package. Jewel Thief got them to agree to forward the box to Elk Lake and we hiked out making 6 more miles. We are camped on a narrow ithmus between 2 small lakes with Gabe and John – our other Nobos. Hopefully we’ll get to hike with them at least part of the day tomorrow.

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