Elk Lake Resort

Posted from BLUE RIVER, Oregon, United States.

It was a beautiful night so I camped out cowboy style. Sometime around 3am, I heard something nearby. Sleepily I sat up and both saw and heard a large shape run crashing back into the woods. Apparently I had chosen to sleep near some elks’ favorite watering hole. This happened a couple more times and finally they gave up.

I woke up and was hiking by 7am. It was an easy 10 mile cruise into Elk Lake. Jewel Thief and I ate lunch and then waited around for Raindog to arrive. About 1pm I checked my voicemail to find out that he had been in a car . He was fine, but the car wasn’t. At 3:30 he finally arrives in a rental car.

By the time everything is taken care of and we pick up Murph (the 4th man climbing with us) at the Portland Airport, it’s midnight before we make it back to Tacoma. After talking a bit we all crash with plans to be at the mountain by noon tomorrow.

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