Big Lake Youth Camp

Posted from Sisters, Oregon, United States.

Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone

With darkness lasting later and later, early starts become harder. This morning we roused around 6:20 to a morning twighlight. We had ambitious goals to make it to Big Lake Youth Camp for a late lunch, but the day just didn’t happen.

Late morning we arrived at McKenzie Pass. Right before the pass the trail literally disappeared. We ended up walking up the road to find the trail crossing. The next 3 miles were across a large lava bed. Not only was hiking difficult, but you felt like you were on a surreal alien world.

After lunch the trail went back to the more typical forest meandering. After hiking around Mt. Washington, we made it to Big Lake Youth Camp. By this time our plan was to relax a few minutes, get water, and get in more miles. Another hiker there convinced us to stay for supper. Since we didn’t have too long to wait, we relented.

Needless to say supper was excellent. Vegetarian spaghetti, salad, and garlic toast. After several helpings dessert appeared. With a stuffed belly, I knew I wasn’t hiking anywhere that night, so we crashed in a cabin – good thing we were here in between camps. Hopefully, tomorrow we will make up for some of today’s missed miles.

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