Trooper Springs

Posted from Oregon, United States.

Mt. Jefferson
Mt. Jefferson

With it overcast, it was still dim at our 7am hiking start. The trail began an immediate, but gentle climb up the flanks of Mt. Jefferson. In a few miles we reached Jefferson Park – a set of high alpine meadows and lakes with direct views of the mountain’s glaciated summit.

After stocking up on water, we climbed up a high ridge to almost 7000′ to give us a full view of Jefferson and north to Mt. Hood. It looked so close, but 60 miles of trail still separated us. While climbing the ridge I passed a couple out for a weekend trip. They told Jewel Thief that I was too fast – at which both of us laughed. 2000 miles of hiking definitely gets you in shape.

All afternoon we hiked down the ridge and then somewhat aimlessly wandered through a series of lakes. We finally arrived at Ollalie Lake Resort. It is a good thing I had a resupply box here, since the small store had very little in the way of hiker food. We were able to get ice cream and Coke though.

After a break and a bath in the lake, we hiked on. It was pushing 8pm and near dark when we finally made it to Trooper Springs. The last half mile we hiked begrudgingly since the creek before the spring was dry. It looks to be a nice night, so I will just throw out my ground cloth and sleep out cowboy style.

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