Hwy 26 at Wapinitia Pass

Posted from Mt Hood Parkdale, Oregon, United States.

Trail Sign
Trail Sign

Today is our 4 months hiking anniversary. We celebrated by accidentally hiking 34 miles. I know, I know – how do you “accidentally” hike 34 miles? I’ll let you know just as soon as I figure it out.

The day was flat – very flat. The trail meandered through near featureless woods for most of the day. We did cross several roads and people were out everywhere since it is Labor Day Weekend. A couple of hours in the afternoon were spent hiking around Timothy Lake. It was more like an obstacle course of horses, hikers, and bikes than a trail.

By late afternoon the trail left the lake and the people behind. I found myself sitting at a campsite at 5pm having hiked 30 miles in 10 hours. That trail was really easy. Since it was still early we hiked another 4 miles to the highway. We ate dinner at a campground, but stealth camped along the trail so we didn’t have to pay. We are planning on an early start in the morning so we can make brunch at Timberline Lodge.

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