Lolo Pass

Posted from Oregon, United States.

Halo on Mt. Hood
Halo on Mt. Hood

We woke up at 5:15 and packed up by headlamp – it stays dark so late now. Like most of the mornings this last week, it was quite chilly and I walked the first mile in my rain coat for warmth. It didn’t take us too long to bust out the 10 mile climb up the side of Mt. Hood to Timberline Lodge for a late breakfast. We sat around and relaxed the rest of the morning, enjoying the amenities – like the couch in the lobby. We hiked out right at noon – or should I say grazed out on the hundreds of huckleberries. The trail went in and out of gullies on the slopes of Mt. Hood and we had some of our biggest climbs to date in Oregon. By 7:30 we made it to Lolo Pass. There is one small, poor campsite next to the creek-let which I’m taking. Jewel Thief is setting up his tent on the actual trail since there isn’t any place else. Tomorrow will be our last full day in Oregon.

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