Cascade Locks

Posted from Cascade Locks, Oregon, United States.

My campsite turned out to be less than ideal. It was on a slight incline and I slid around all night. It was colder still this morning and I wore the down jacket as I packed. By the time I was actually hiking, the sun had hit and the air was warming in a hurry. I cruised through the morning mileage which was just a long ridge walk. By 11am I came to the end of the ridge which had huge views of Washington to the north. St. Helens, Adams, and Rainier all towered up into the cloud layer. When Jewel Thief caught up we started the descent into the Columbia Gorge – the lowest point on the trail. Leaving the high and dry PCT (which seems to be the Oregon norm), we took the much anticipated Eagle Creek Trail. After dropping 2000′ in 2 very steep miles, the trail followed the creek all the way down. On the way we passed over a dozen waterfalls – including Tunnel Falls where the trail is blasted through the cliff behind the falls. Being Labor Day there were hundreds of people out on this popular trail. It was kinda like walking through the perfume department the day before mother’s day as all the people were wearing something. By 5pm we reached the parking lot and had an easy 2 mile walk into town. We found a cheap motel and raided the local burger joint. We plan on picking up our packages in the morning and heading into our last state. I’m on the home stretch now!

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