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Posted from Stevenson, Washington, United States.

Leaving Oregon - Bridge of the Gods
Leaving Oregon - Bridge of the Gods

It had been a while since we had been in a real town. Keeping with the normal pattern, it was late morning before we got underway. First thing out we had to cross The Bridge of the Gods across the Columbia River and into Washington. The name is more impressive than the bridge which wasn’t built for pedestrians. Thankfully, it has only intermittent traffic so cars could swing into the other lane to get around us.

After crossing the bridge, we picked up the trail again and hit our lowest point of elevation – a whopping 100′. Of course when you are at the lowest point, that means all you can do is go up. True to form over the next several miles the trail made a 3300′ climb on trail that wasn’t exactly scenic. Thankfully, not long after topping out, we came across a cooler stocked with iced soda. Talk about cheering up a day.

After gaining all that elevation, we promptly dropped back down to 1400′ and camped next to Rock Creek. We stopped here right at dark. It is a roadside campsite that has been heavily used. Since it’s the day after Labor Day, I doubt we’ll see anyone. I’m crashing out on just my ground cloth again.
Today we passed 2 major milestones, we hiked farther than the distance of the Appalachian Trail and we passed the “500 miles to go” mark. The PCT is now officially my longest hike. What an introduction to Washington.

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