Crest Campground

Posted from Carson, Washington, United States.

The alarm went off at 5:45, but neither of us moved till almost 6:30. Today was a repeat of yesterday’s elevation changes and we started it off with over 1000′ climb. True to form we lost more elevation on the other side then we did on the climb- leaving us at an elevation below 1000′. The upside is less than a mile off the trail with a country store in one of those small communities that doesn’t even post a population. Jewel Thief marveled at some of the rural houses’ yard art which made me laugh. I’m used to seeing trucks parked in the front lawn. The store provided us with our hiker staples – Coke and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. We dawdled at the store longer than we should have and it was almost 1pm by the time we got back to the trail. Knowing the rest of the day was nothing but climbing, we set off with a resigned pace. It was the warmest day we had seen in a couple of weeks and both of us were dripping sweat. We pulled into a primitive campground just before 8pm. We made full use of the picnic table for supper and spread our packs. I’m starting to feel the miles we’ve done lately, but we need one more big day if we want to be at Trout Lake tomorrow.

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