Trout Lake

Posted from Trout Lake, Washington, United States.

I had trouble getting out of the sleeping bag again this morning. The first light glow isn’t starting till 5:45AM now, so sleeping past 6 is very easy. But town isn’t getting closer with me lying in bed. Thankfully today has much less elevation change than the last couple did. For the first time in several days we managed to get in 15 miles by noon. Both of us have some minor aches and plan on slowing up a little after today. After lunch and a nap we plod on. The trail is very gentle and we make it to the road by 6pm. Thankfully, the 2nd car picks us up since that was 40min after we arrived. With today’s mileage we have come over 200 miles in the last 7 days. We hadn’t originally planned on doing that – it just kind of worked out that way. However I’m paying for it tonight with aching, swollen feet. A very late start tomorrow and a couple of lower mileage days are just what I need.

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