50-yard pond

Posted from PACKWOOD, Washington, United States.

Sunset over the Clouds
Sunset over the Clouds

We spent most of the morning finishing the drying out process for our gear. After a very late breakfast, we packed up and headed back to the trail. The weather forecast looks good for the rest of the week so we were antsy to get back hiking.

It was 4:45 pm when we made it back to the trail. We knew we had to make time if we wanted to get in 10 miles before dark. The trail wound around without note for most of the hike until a mile before camp we came over a ridge. We were just at cloud level and across the valley we could see a peak poking up through a blanket of fog. Moments later the scene was gone as the clouds shifted. We made it to camp just at dark. It feels like it is going to be cold tonight, but the weather definitely seems to be clearing.

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