Camp Urich

Posted from Goose Prairie, Washington, United States.

It was definitely cold last night – there was a light frost on the ground for the first time. We had beautiful warm weather most of the day, but even in direct sun the wind carried a cooler bite. Winter just needs to hold off for 2 more weeks and then I’ll be done.

After climbing out of the basin our lake was in, the trail dropped to Chinook Pass. Leaving the pass we climbed sharply and spent the rest of the day on high ridges. While the valleys and adjacent ridges made great views, the notable peaks weren’t seen much.

After about 3pm, our gorgeous day became increasingly cloudy. I blame Jewel Thief and his comment about having perfect weather. The cloud level began to drop until we began walking through them. By early evening the fog was extremely thick.

About 6pm we made it to a spur trail to a forest road with a note from Hitching Post. She was trying to make it in to bring us mad trail magic, but couldn’t figure out how to get close to the shelter by car. We raced to the shelter, dropped our packs, and hoofed it out to the road to intercept her. We managed to find her and helped hike back in pizzas, ice cream, cokes, and cookies. Between dinner delivery and an actual structure to sleep in I think I’m going to be spoiled.

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