Snoqualmie Pass

Posted from North Bend, Washington, United States.

If it were possible, the fog was thicker this morning than yesterday. My tarp was soaking wet – thankfully I slept snug as a bug in a rug. The logging road next to our campsite turned into a small highway at 6:30am so getting up wasn’t a problem. We began moving at 7:30 and right away realized that the constant climb and descent of yesterday hadn’t gone anywhere.

About 2 hours after we leaving camp, the rain started. I was already wearing rain pants to keep my legs dry, but now added the rest of the gear. The rest of the day was a temperature regulation war; unzipping everything and sweating on the climbs then battening down and cold on the descents. About 4 miles before the pass we could hear the Interstate. We could probably have seen it too if the air wasn’t so thick you though you needed gills.

About 2pm I hit the top of the Snoqualmie ski area. The trail walked down and across the slopes with views of the road below. When I get down there I see Jewel Thief talking with 2 other hikers who had been watching us work our way down. They were getting back on the trail, so we hopped in their ride’s car to hitch back towards Seattle. We rode partway with them and then were picked up by Raindog and went back to his place in Tacoma. This makes 3 out of the past 4 weekends here – I feel like I live here now. Tomorrow is the last planned day off before the end. A measly 254 miles are between me and Canada.

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