Waptus River

Posted from Washington, United States.

I woke up to so much dew on my tarp that it looked like it had been sprayed with a hose. Still on a town schedule, I wasn’t moving till 8am. I stopped to get water and was blown away by a hiker from the past – Whoopin Stick came sauntering in. I hadn’t seen Whoopin Stick since Mojave, 1800 miles ago.

The trail followed a high rim for several miles as we meandered around several lake basins. The clouds were at about 6000′ so all morning I felt like we were almost hitting our heads on them. Eventually we actually walked into the clouds and all the views left.

About noon the trail began plummeting and we lost all the elevation we had gained yesterday. When we reached the bottom we stopped for lunch and a drying session – making the trail side look like a yard sale. After lunch we started up a climb – getting almost as high as we were before lunch.

At the top of the climb we could look back at some sharp peaks whose tops were brushing the clouds. They looked liked the teeth of some giant wolf grabbing at the wool of a soft lamb. We finally made camp just at dark after once again dropping down to 3000′. Our camp is nestled into some dense trees so hopefully we will be dew free in the morning.

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