Glacier Creek

Posted from Leavenworth, Washington, United States.

Bridge Out
Bridge Out

We woke up and were hiking by 7:30 with plans to do a bigger mile day. The part of my tarp not covered by the tree had frost on it. The trail stayed high on ridgelines all morning and we were able to cruise right along. We ate lunch on a flat area looking out across a valley.

Right after lunch we made it to Indian Pass and a choice. The next 44 miles of trail were damaged in a 2003 flood and were closed. The official detour started here, but was 10 miles longer. A second detour option started in another 1.5 miles, but required a small section of bushw . Based on reports from Southbound PCTers, we opted to take the original trail.

Leaving both detour options behind, the trail climbed above treeline to Red Pass. Ahead was Glacier Peak and below was a large alpine basin. We followed the trail as it dropped down the basin to a river valley. At the bottom we came to the first of 7 bridges that were destroyed by the flood, but were able to cross on a log.

Hiking fast, it was still dark when we arrived at camp – hiking the last .5 mile by headlamp. Our progress had been slowed by 3 more river crossings, but all of them had logs. We hunted around to find the campsite that was supposed to be here. We finally found a small cleared area that was less than ideal and crashed for the night.

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