Miners Creek

Posted from Marblemount, Washington, United States.

More Bridge Destruction
More Bridge Destruction

It was very cold during the night, but I stayed toasty in my bag. There was frost on both the inside and outside of my tarp however. The morning trail contoured around some ridges and finally climbed to Fire Creek Pass giving us breathtaking views of the entire area. On the long descent down to the Milk River, there were several spots where entire sections of trail had completely washed away causing us to back track and bushwhack.

We ended up eating lunch at Milk Creek right above another washed out bridge. From here it was a 9 mile hike to Vista Creek with a whopping 1 mile of elevation change between: 2000′ up and 3200′ down. Around 6pm we came to the Suiattle River – the largest and most dangerous of the rivers in this section. The river canyon was huge – several hundred feet across – but the river itself was only about 10′ wide. Once again a well placed log allowed us to cross with dry feet.

Knowing it would be dark again, but wanting to get in miles, we hiked the 5 miles up to Miners Creek to make camp. Once again we arrived by headlamp, but this time had little trouble finding an excellent campsite. We are planning on waking up early tomorrow so we can make it to the road in time to catch the 3pm bus to Stehekin.

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