Posted from Winthrop, Washington, United States.

Halfway through the night I woke up when a mouse ran across my head – that was a first. Thankfully, my food and trash was hanging way out of reach and he left me alone the rest of the night. It was considerably warmer in the morning than previous nights and under the trees my tarp was dew free.

We were hiking by 6:45 – needing to make it to the Stehekin road before 3pm. We set off and climbed 1500′ to our high point of the day. After that the day was pretty much down hill – 4400′ down hill. As each mile passed I became more and more giddy – for once I was worse then Jewel Thief. This was it, the last stop, after this was only Canada.

We made our bus with plenty of time to spare and rode in to town. Town should probably be in quotes since it is barely a block long. Only accessible by ferry and the single phone uses a satellite relay, Stehekin is as remote as they come. Only 81 miles lay between me and the border. Canada, long simply a dreamy goal, is fast becoming reality.

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