Rainy Pass

Posted from Winthrop, Washington, United States.

We woke up nice and early to a warm morning. We had everything packed up and were sitting in front of the post office by 7:45am. The plan was to get the resuply boxes and catch the 8am bus back to the trail. It would have worked except for the minor hitch of Jewel Thief’s box not being there. So instead we waited around until the mail arrived on the 11am ferry. It was 1:30pm by the time we were hiking. We followed the old Stehekin River Road up the canyon. After a mile you could barely tell it was a road so much of it was washed out. After 4 miles or so we hooked back up with the PCT and began hiking up Bridge Creek. The trail followed the creek the rest of the day – gently ascending. We arrived at Rainy Pass after 8:30pm – hiking over an hour by headlamp. We found a couple of spots to set up in the picnic area. It was nice to cook dinner on a table instead of the ground for once. It seems warmer tonight than the last few nights; maybe there won’t be dew all over my tarp in the morning.

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