Tacoma, WA

Posted from Tacoma, Washington, United States.

I woke up in the Manning Park Lodge yesterday to the sound of rain. I had to smile at the unbelievable timing which had been the hallmark of my trip. I spent all day riding busses to get back to Seattle and am now crashing at Raindog and Hitching Post’s place. Tomorrow is my flight home to get back to my other life.

Many hikers talk about having trouble adjusting to off trail life. I can truly say this time I’m ready. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss hiking as I enjoyed every minute of this trip. But it’s time to go home. I accomplished a straight Northbound thru-hike in a year that the majority of hikers flipped or skipped their way along.

This hike wouldn’t have been possible without my parents as my transcribers and resuply resource and without the incredible help of Raindog and Hitching Post whose house became my Northwest Base of Operations. There were also all of the trail angels who shared their home, gave me a ride, or left Cokes in a cooler on the trail. Never once did any of these people ask for money for their services.

I’m ready to sleep in my own bed now and drive my car and take a vacation from hiking. I hope a week will do, since then I’m flying to Scottland to hike the West Highland Way. What can I say, but it’s in my blood :-)

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