Let There Be Snow

Posted from Springfield, Missouri, United States.

Going-to-the-Sun Road - June 7, 2011
Going-to-the-Sun Road - June 7, 2011

This year Glacier National Park has had near record snowfalls and a very cool spring. That leaves a huge amount of snow for thru-hikers to contend with.

How much snow? Well one hiker recently spent a weekend in the backcountry and had to use ice axe, crampons and snow shoes. I’m packing two out of three of those items. I’ll pick up the snow shoes in Montana if it looks like they will be needed.

Good thing Kevin and I have experience with lots of snow!

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3 Responses to Let There Be Snow

  1. Roo Barnhouse says:

    So happy you are going again! I love following you from the comfort of my home! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Have fun, and stay safe! (glad you have your bear spray!)

  2. Tim Robson says:

    Cool man! ┬áSafe journey’s… looking forward to your updates!

  3. Eli Barb says:

    How in thw world did you manage to stand at that monument in your flickr sideways!!! That’s impressive