Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada

Posted from WATERTON PARK, Alberta, Canada.

After a 4 day road trip across country, we finally made it to the start of the CDT. I’m spending the night in Canada tonight and in the morning will wake up and walk the four miles to the border and the official start of the trail.

It’s been a great few days just relaxing and getting prepped for hiking. The closer we got to the mountains during the trip, the more excited I got. We spent all day getting packages ready, grocery shopping and getting everything in order. That included the traditional shaving of all of Kevin’s hair.

We managed to get the exact itinerary through Glacier National Park we wanted – including hiking the highline trail. There have been at least seven CDT hikers through before us, but they all took alternate routes. The snow levels look to be less than what we saw in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on our PCT hike. Our packs are fully loaded with all of the winter gear and an obligatory bear can – I really don’t miss carrying that.

We’ll be in the backcountry for the next six days. It looks spectacular. Mexico here we come.

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