East Glacier Park, MT

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Above Fifty Mountain Campground, Glacier National Park
Above Fifty Mountain Campground, Glacier National Park

Just finished what was without a doubt the most brutal first week of my hikes. Hiking through Glacier National Park offered some incredible scenery, but the near record snow levels took a toll on my body. It’s typical to be achy and sore, but due to so much use of ice axes and crampons I hurt in all the wrong places.

We had spectacular weather and the backcountry to ourselves (who else is crazy enough to be there?) This far North there is 16+ hours of daylight which on one day we used every bit of. Similar to my experience in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 2005, most days were hiking up a valley with progressively more snow, followed by a 2000 foot climb and then a mountain pass with surperb views. In some cases we were the first hikers of the year to cross those passes. Often we followed the trail by tracing animal tracks which one ranger described as having internal GPS.

Today we’re taking the day off before starting the next section. Hikers ahead of us report it to be every bit as tough, but with less town options.

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