Marias Pass

Posted from Essex, Montana, United States.

After a restful day off, Kevin and I had an easy day hike from East Glacier to Marias Pass. The trail was a mosquito breeding ground and even 100% deet seemed to be a poor armor. An almost complete lack of snow made the hike a great reprieve from the rigors of the previous days. Unfortunately it made the trail itself kind of boring and without any real feature – just a walk in the woods. With this fifteen miles we officially finished Glacier National Park.

Unfortunately I’m having to leave the trail for a few days to attend a funeral. We’re planning on heading into the Bob Marshall Wilderness on July 5 though. I’m hoping the extra days off will make a significant difference in the snow levels.

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2 Responses to Marias Pass

  1. Can you add an explanation about how this map works?  Are you the purple line?  How current is it in regards to your actual location if so?  Hope you are making tracks…

    • Piper says:

      The red route is usually the official route. The purple routes are alternates. The marker is where that particular post was made.