Recipe for Victory Slarpies

Victory Slarpies are an invention from the Pacific Crest Trail that we have carried on. Since the creation isn’t straight forward, we decided to document the process. The name comes from the fact that they are typically created after climbing a large mountain or pass and from the fact that Kevin said 7-eleven would sue if we called them Slurpies.

  1. Slarpy SuppliesGather all of your needed supplies. You’ll need a nice clean snow bank (without any yellow or red tints – although some debris on the surface should be expected), a water bottle and your drink flavoring of choice.
  2. Clearing the debris for SlarpyClear off the top level of debris from the snow field. While a pine needle or two will add authenticity to your Slarpy, too many will detract from the flavor.
  3. Add good snow for SlarpyFill the water bottle about 3/4 full of clean snow. You’ll need to experiment to get the exact amount. Too much and you won’t be able to mix it. Too little and it will just be like a drink with crushed ice.
  4. Add drink mix to SlarpyAdd the drink mix. Then fill the bottle with water until almost full.
  5. Shake SlarpyShake well. Make sure you break apart any large snow clusters. The resulting beverage should be of uniform consistency.
  6. Enjoy SlarpyEnjoy. As one hiker put it, “You may never drink plain water again.”
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2 Responses to Recipe for Victory Slarpies

  1. Lindsay Thomack says:

    Our Slarpies may not be quite as authentic as yours, but we enjoyed them for you Chad. Happy Birthday!

    P.S. Josh broke everything