Rogers Pass

Posted from Lincoln, Montana, United States.

Kevin and I below the Chinese Wall - Bob Marshall Wilderness
Kevin and I below the Chinese Wall - Bob Marshall Wilderness

The Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness Areas are immediately South of Glacier National Park. Together they comprise the longest backcountry experience of this hike. We had reports from other hikers that the snow and river crossings were huge obstacles. What we found was a beautiful section that we flew through.

In contrast to Glacier’s extreme terrain, the mountains here were mellower. For the first couple of days we walked alongside streams and rivers through forest. Miles seemed to fly by due to easier terrain and the fact that our bodies were getting used to the abuse. On the third day, we climbed up and over Kevan Mtn. with beautiful views.

The real treat was on day 4 when we walked along a dramatic cliff section known as the Chinese Wall. The base was snow covered and the views were incredible. Dropping back down afterwards, we finished up the Bob Marshall Wilderness with more streamside hiking.

After picking up a resupply box at a wilderness ranch, we hiked into the Scapegoat Wilderness. It also began with nice hiking along streams, but midway through the second day it climbed higher and for the first time we were able to walk along the actual divide. Walking along the divide was spectacular, but very physically demanding due to the rollercoaster of climbs and decents.

Today we are enjoying a much needed day off to recuperate. Tomorrow we’ll head towards Helena, MT.

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