Grand Lake, CO

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Parkview Mountain Lookout Cabin
Parkview Mountain Lookout Cabin

Rain, rain go away! Leaving Steamboat was hard enough. The first day was all road walks. We woke up the next day to rain. Never really a down pour, but just a consistent shower all day. It was pretty cold too. All afternoon I had on basically all my clothes. I’m sure the trail gave great views, but all we saw was clouds and fog. For lunch we set up our tents and crawled into our sleeping bags. Even there I had trouble getting warm.

After donning my last clothing layer I finally warmed up as we started hiking again. However the trail itself was pretty tough going. There were lots of small climbs and downed logs. At the end of the day, we had a huge climb. It was the kind where you took ten steps and then stopped to catch your breath. Finally we made it to the top of Parkview Mountain and the lookout cabin on top. While nowhere near fancy, it was windproof and we were able to sleep snuggly. It was such a relief to wake up warm and dry.

First thing in the morning the mountain was socked in with fog, but by the time we set out hiking it had lifted and we had decent visibility. It was overcast, but not raining. Unfortunately the rain started up again two hours later. We pushed our pace all day to make it into town. Getting a hot meal, shower and bed has a pretty dramatic effect on my waterlogged self.

We’re planning on heading out again tomorrow. Thankfully the weather outlook is much nicer.

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  1. Sounds fun but wild at the same time.