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Trail in Aspens - Mt. Elbert
Trail in Aspens - Mt. Elbert

After a grueling day we decided to follow it up with another grueling day. Leaving Winter Park we decided to press on to Silverthorne. Why we chose a day with over 12,000 feet of elevation change to pull off 33 miles I’m still not clear on. All day we’d plod up a 1000+ climb only to drop right back down. At dusk we finally climbed a final ridge to see the Dillon Reservation and the lights of Silverthorne. But it was still seven trail miles below us. We donned headlamps and kept hiking – sometimes only finding the trail by GPS. We arrived in town just before 10pm. Some other hikers were in town and we all split a hotel room. It’s always a blast to catch up with people we haven’t seen in a month.

Since we had abused our bodies for two days we opted to take an alternate route and hike the paved bike path to Silverthorne. Besides being only 14 miles, we walked right by the grocery store in Frisco as well as lots of lunch options. We ended our relaxing day with dinner at Copper Mountain Resort and then walked right up under a lift and made camp in the trees next to a ski run.

Following a day off we were ready to make time and finished off the section by pounding 55 miles in just over a day and a half to make it to Kevin’s house in Aspen. Thankfully the terrain was much easier and well marked as we shared tread with the Colorado Trail. Most of the time was walking through trees around mountains instead of over them.

The weather has held and while it hasn’t been warm, it hasn’t snowed either. We are taking a couple days off and then we head out. We’ll be racing to finish Colorado by the end of the month.

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