Chama, NM

Posted from Chama, New Mexico, United States.

Aspen Tree with Golden Leaves - South San Juan Mountains
Aspen Tree with Golden Leaves - South San Juan Mountains

Our weather held and we have now finished Colorado. Our biggest snow worries are now behind us. We’ve crossed the 2000 mile mark and are done with elevations over 12,000 feet. With only 4 weeks of hiking left we definitely feel like we are in the home stretch.

We finished the last 65 miles of the San Juan Mountains in just over two days. We needed to be in Chama early on the third day to catch a ride to Santa Fe for a wedding and a weekend off. The break has been greatly anticipated since for two weeks we have been pushing hard so we could finish Colorado before October.

The South San Juan Mountains were nice, but nothing compared to the Northern section. We saw a few rugged peaks and had our last hurrah above treeline, but by the end we could see the mountains mellowing. New Mexico has been in severe drought so we could have quite the difficulty with water in the days ahead. As always, I’m sure we’ll figure out a solution. It seems to be a theme of our hikes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m thankful for the unique opportunity you’ve had to Praise God for the beauty of His earth, but I LOVE the word phrase “we are in the home stretch!”     

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi:  This is Hugo and Carole Mumm in Grants NM.  We are trail angels and just wanted you to know that we have water caches on Mt. Taylor.  If you have access to Google Earth when you get to Cuba, the GPS is shown on the map when you zoom in on Mt. Taylor.  Hugo hiked to American Canyon Spring, and there is clear piped water there.  Call my cell phone if you need any directions:  505-285-7118  We will be happy to assist you in any way we can when you reach Grants.  Our home is only 2 blocks from the CDT at the junction of Lobo Canyon and Roosevelt.  We look forward to meeting you.  Carole