Deming, NM

Posted from Deming, New Mexico, United States.

Windmill North of Deming
Windmill North of Deming

I was expecting this section to be 90+ miles of boring flat roads and was pleasantly surprised to find actual trail. We walked out of Mimbres to climb up our last significant elevations. We one by one start ticking off the last 9,000 foot section, then 8,000, and so on.

As with the past several sections, water continued to be scarce. At one point we had over 30 miles between water. Thankfully the temperature wasn’t scorching. Our primary water sources have been windmills used to water cattle. There just isn’t any surface water here.

New Mexico seems to hold the award for the most number of stickers/grass seeds that can get in your shoes. I have spent a lot of time picking seeds out of my socks before doing laundry. Often I hike as long as I can take it before the scratching gets to be too much and then I have to take a moment to deseed my socks.

With the lack of moisture, most nights we cowboy camp under the stars. The desert has the best sunrises and sunsets as well. It also makes for a quick getaway in the mornings.

I now have less than 60 miles to the border. This is my last town stop. With my plane ticket purchased the reality of the end is sinking in. In two days I’ll be a triple crowner.

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