Palomas, Mexico

Posted from Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Earning the Triple Crown
Earning the Triple Crown

The last two days have been surreal. We left Deming late in the afternoon and hiked just far enough to get past civilization. We hiked around the Florida Mountains. Passing thunderstorms gave us a great rainbow and sunset.

On our last full day, we finished hiking around the Florida Mountains and headed for a series of peaks called Tres Hermanas. We ended the day early by cowboy camping just past them and looking at the lights from the Mexican town of Palomas. The cowboy camping turned out to be a poor choice as a heavy dew fell and then froze on our sleeping bags. Down doesn’t keep you too warm when wet.

Today we woke up and hustled in to Columbus, NM for breakfast and coffee. We then made the easy three mile walk to the border and the official end of the trail. It was odd realizing that this trip was finally over and that I was now a triple crowner. It only took me nine and a half years to complete it. We had quite the celebration and took many photos.

After stashing our packs, we crossed into Palomas which turned out to be the most Americanized Mexican town I have ever seen. Seriously, a border town where they only sell burritos on the street and no tacos? We had a celebratory lunch and then headed back to the states. We are back in Deming staying with trail angels and awaiting my trip home tomorrow.

What a hike.

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5 Responses to Palomas, Mexico

  1. 1066pastor says:

    Thank you so much for your posts. i’ve really enjoyed following your trail journey from the UK. all the best for the future

  2. 1066pastor says:

    Thanks your your trail updates. ‘ve really enjoyed following your journey from the UK. all the best for the future

  3. David Odell says:

    Congratulations on finishing the CDT and your Triple Crown.  I finished my Triple Crown 39 years ago and the great memories are still there.

    David Odell
    AT 71
    PCT 72
    CDT 77

    • James Wolf says:

      Hi Dave —

      Before turning my attention to the CDT, I hiked the AT (also, like you, in 1971). I’d be interested in any recollections you may have for both of these trails. I don’t recall having mentioned your CDT hike in the CDTS newsletter, so it would be nice to be able to do so now.

  4. James Wolf says:

    Congratulations, Piper. I enjoyed reading about your adventures on the Trail with Fandango. What was the final count of Ben & Jerry? It sounds like the weather on your hike between Chama and Ghost Ranch was not so great — but MUCH better than what Lucky Joe and Heavy dealt with near Elwood Pass! I presume the flea-sized tadpoles were found at Tio Vinces Spring on Mangas Mountain — but can you pin down the location of the unlisted spring more precisely?