Homeward Bound

Fandango and I's Hiking Retirement Party in Mexico
Fandango and I's Hiking Retirement Party in Mexico

Long distance hiking has been a hobby and passion for almost a decade now. Now that I have completed my triple crown, I’m not quite sure what I feel. While there will always be other hiking trips, the likelihood that anything even approaching the epicness of these three trails is slim. Life has too many other adventures and long distance hikes simply demand too much exclusive time.

So I am effectively entering hiker retirement. Unlike so many people that are defined by one activity, I have no fears of boredom or lack of focus. I set out to complete these hikes and I will always remember them with fondness. Now it is time to pay attention to other items on my “bucket list.”

I’ve been places and seen things that few others can even imagine. I’ve seen fields glow orange from reflected sunset light, waterfalls fill the perfect swimming pool in the middle of nowhere, night starscapes undimmed by city lights and river valleys draped in blankets of snow. I treasure each of these memories and a million more.

I’ll miss all of this, but today begins another adventure.

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